I will be fine. Keep saying that.

So, I was laid off.

I don't have a job anymore.

And you know what? Last night I went to bed sobbing with a good book, a bag of barbecue chips, a chocolate bar and a glass of soda. If I was sobbing a little harder, I would have made it a pack of cigarette and a drink. But that's not me anymore.

Not to be graphic, but I was PMS-ing like crazy, and you don't tell a girl she doesn't have a job anymore a few days before her monthly visitor comes along, you know?

Today, and well, this morning, I am fine with it. I am not the first person ever, in history, to be let go. Some people say, "At least you didn't get fired!", which is true. I didn't.

I am fine with it. Because I will find another job, and I won't lay around and feel sorry for myself (although I did last night). I am not going to wonder what the hell am I going to do because this is something I can fix. Things could be worse, and things have been worse this past year and I got through it. I have to remind myself not to get discouraged because I have no confidence, but I can find another job. If I keep telling myself that, things don't seem so bad. I learned a lot from my job. It was a good experience.

You want to know something? I'm going to go back to school. Maybe not this year, but I'm going to go back and I want to do something in health services.

Another thing. Things could be worse. I still have a good family, I have people who care about me, and I have a best friend. I wince at saying "boyfriend" because we aren�t quite there yet.

It will be okay, won't it?

illfortune at 12:02 p.m.

Listening to: Postal Service
Feeling: Ugh. Icky. I'm trying though
Wanting: Another new, cool, job, obviously.

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